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About Us

Tiferet Gallery, an online haven for home decor and unique gifts, owned and curated by artists Angela Alés and Roneld Lores, a creative husband-and-wife duo. Our collection features a selection of everyday art, including Angela Alés' iconic images like her enchanting Frida and zodiac series.

With a down-to-earth perspective, we've carefully chosen pieces that seamlessly blend with our daily experiences, transforming into functional items while preserving the authenticity of the artist's vision. Each creation has its own unique narrative waiting to be explored.

As you navigate Tiferet Gallery, whether in search of a distinctive gift or a statement piece for your home, we invite you to be part of our artistic journey. For those seeking original and museum-quality prints of Angela Alés' work, we encourage you to visit Here at Tiferet Gallery, art is not just an adornment; it's an integral part of your everyday story.

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